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Web Designers and Coding Specialists Are Not the Same Thing

By thatonesupport 0 Comment 01.08.2019

If you’re a web developer, you’ve probably heard colleagues say web designers should learn to code. Designers rarely say developers should learn to design.

Coding is easy for people with logical minds; you write code and get a content column. Designing is like coding in a way; an aesthetically pleasing design comes from applying standards and theories.

Design can be taught; web designers were not born with a magical artistic talent, even though they sometimes like developers to think this is true. This is good news for developers who want to design sites as well as develop them.

Being a skilled developer and web designer who can bring a client’s visions to life is possible. The trouble with finding good web design tutorials and online classes is many people use the term developer and designer interchangeably.

There are many good books on on design, such as Refactoring UI. There are also articles and tutorials online about UI design. Try looking at the sites featuring the worst web designs. You’ll get an eye for what looks horrible, and by doing so, you’ll see how each site could be better.

After developing sites at an agency, you’ll discover clients have no concept of the hundreds of lines of code you will have to write to accommodate their new idea. Designers also have their challenges. Client’s can change their mind about the shade of purple they want for a secondary color five times.

If you are intelligent enough to learn how to code, you can teach yourself web design with online resources. Use free website builders and change the templates to experiment with color combinations and typography.

Browse web design awards websites and see what people find inspiring. Google the latest trends in web design to review the latest trends.