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VanCuren Tree Service

By thatonesupport 0 Comment 03.06.2013


VanCuren Tree Service is the premier tree service company in Northeast, Ohio. With over 30 years of expertise providing exceptional residential, commercial and utility tree care, VanCuren has developed a reputation that is second to none.


With a focus on providing the best tree service in Ohio, VanCuren was left little time to dedicate to it’s web presence. Their website failed to differentiate them from their competitors or convey the extent of their service offering and expertise. Additionally, VanCuren’s original website was significantly lacking in search engine optimization, essentially making the company invisible on all of the major search engines. Finally, VanCuren’s previous provider failed to maintain security patches and updates and the website was hacked, causing further demotion by Google.


We began the process by learning everything we could about VanCuren; from the people behind the company to the services they provide.

With the VanCuren brand always in mind, we designed and developed a comprehensive, responsive website that reflects VanCuren’s recognized image. Since lead generation was extremely important, we utilized our advanced search engine optimization strategy to quickly improve VanCuren search engine result placement.

Once we directed new visitors to the website, we implemented our proven Calls to Action throughout the website will activate website visitors and move them to engage VanCuren for their services.