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The use of financial strategies in betting

By thatonesupport 0 Comment 22.07.2019

Various mathematicians from around the world, in combination with different betters, tried these strategies, trying to find the most competent option to leave the bookmaker “with nothing.” Every day, armed with a calculator, pencil, money and reference books, these geniuses developed strategies that sooner or later made the bookmakers shudder. So it happened that with varying success, the players began to use these blanks and win.

Strategies were used in almost all sports and gambling. Some gamblers tried to beat the casino, but the system there is slightly different and not amenable to standard analysis. The strategies were especially popular in sports: they very often play tennis, basketball, less often at hockey, and, of course, football. As experts recognize, football is one of the most difficult disciplines that can be mathematically calculated. But it does not scare us. The more interesting it will be to defeat its unpredictability. As you can see, financial strategies are a flexible tool that functions successfully with every sport.

Types of strategies

Actually, let’s talk about the strategies themselves:

Kelly criterion. Age strategy, which appeared in 1956 and was developed by John Kelly. The main principle of its work is to determine its probability of an event by comparing it with a bookmaker. The formula for the calculation is a factor multiplied by your probability and minus one, and then divided by a factor minus one. If your probability is higher than the probability set by the bookmaker, then you can put a larger percentage of the bank on this rate. So you can describe one of the basic principles of this strategy. In order not to risk and save the bank, the player puts not a percentage of the bank, but only some part of it (not 17%, but 10.5)

Martingale Increasingly, we use this title as a household title, because the strategy got some other titles between gamblers. The essence of this strategy is quite simple. And most importantly – it is moderately effective, flexible and available for games in bookmaker offices (for some strategies bookmakers can block an account). Theoretically, it sounds like this: when playing with the Martingale strategy, the player is advised to double the bet amount after each loss. Thus, when winning, the lost one and the amount of the original bet are returned. The algorithm is repeated.


For example, let’s take the match “Arsenal – Man United” and our bet on a draw for 3.30. The notional bid amount is $ 100. Even if we lose the first two bets, having doubled it (200 x 2), we will remain in the black. Only three hundred dollars have been lost, and the total gain is 400 X 3.30 = 1320 dollars.

Flat. The simplest, most effective and safest sports betting strategy. This, of course, the opinion of experienced players and yours truly supports him. Martingale is a more explosive strategy, more aggressive and dynamic, you will definitely get emotions and drive from it. In the case of Kelly, you need to delve very deeply into the calculations, every day to deal with formulas and select the outcomes. In general, the burden. In the case of the flat you can earn using your knowledge in football. The basic principle is a fixed amount of the bet. For example, if you understand football and make 10 bets on football with a factor of 2 (the sum of the bet is $ 100), then you need to guess six outcomes for income. Five outcomes – you get your money back. A good strategy for those who perfectly understand their sport.Love football, play on the stakes, carefully analyze each game and choose the strategy that will be most comfortable for you and it will allow you to win. The best place to try this strategy is Good luck!