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The Growing Trend of Using Forum Layouts in Web Design - That One Support

The Growing Trend of Using Forum Layouts in Web Design

By thatonesupport 0 Comment 28.07.2019

Successful web design is all about visitor engagement. For many years the look and visual appeal of a website has mattered most, but layouts that mimic popular discussion forums may be the next big thing in web design.

Some designers are attempting to duplicate the vibe of discussion boards in their landing pages. If you haven’t taken a look at forums today then you are probably in for a surprise. They don’t look anything like they did just a few years ago. The landing pages for discussion forums today are more interactive and engaging.

The advantage of a discussion-based theme for web design is that it does an excellent job of breaking up content. Graphics can be more strategically placed to complement the overall message of the landing page.

There is a drawback to creating websites in this style. There can be a tendency to make the landing pages look like a brochure. Designers can also be tempted to add more CTAs and opt-in boxes than necessary. This can disrupt the overall flow of the design and achieve the opposite of what the web designer wants in their landing page.

Landing pages should have a flow. The visitor needs to be led from one portion of the page to another. The page should be designed to get them to take action at the end. An advantage of discussion-based styles is that it becomes easier for the designer to direct the visitor to the end goal.

This particular style of web design is also very compact in the way information is presented. Everything has its place and can be compartmentalized for easy viewing. Designers have always tried to take advantage of the latest trends of Internet users, and the discussion forum is preferred by many people who want to be able to consume the maximum amount of information in the least amount of time.