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Marketing for lawyers: 6 things that will make a legal site attractive to readers

By thatonesupport 0 Comment 25.10.2019

A legal site has many advantages that can be simultaneously called the reasons for creating it for your legal company: this is your business card, and the source of attracting new clients, the opportunity to declare yourself, show your achievements and share plans. If you want to attract even more readers, and therefore potential customers, we’ll tell you how to achieve this. And law firm website design is not the main thing.

Interesting content

Interesting materials and their correct structuring is the first thing that attracts readers to your site. This applies to everything: convenient navigation, useful content, the use of a clear structure, lists and quotes in the design of materials on your site. You need to create useful content both in the field in which your company specializes, and in related fields. Thus, you will be present in the information space, and therefore your potential client will see you, understand what industry you work in and how you can be useful to him, and will remember you when he needs a particular legal service.


A person remembers 80% of what he sees and only 20% of what he has read, and color visualization increases the desire to see material by 70%. Infographics help more interesting to present complex material, sorting it out “on the shelves”, it can replace a number of articles, at the same time attract a smaller audience. In addition, they are more likely to share it on social networks, and infographics can be distributed even in paper form at various events.


Actually, the value of your site, and therefore the law firm, is not to entertain, but to give advice, explain difficult cases, and show how you work. So-called cases – a description of practical examples from your experience – will be here more than ever by the way. Cases show how you solve customer problems, and also show your skills and experience. Actually, they are built on this principle: the problem – what was done to solve it – what result was achieved.

Email newsletter

Mail is a channel for attracting an audience for a site and new customers, a great way to communicate and support interest. A regular mailing list with high-quality and relevant materials will not only help to remind yourself, but also provide an opportunity to maintain the interest of your readers, show that you make sure that the subscriber receives only interesting and relevant information, and it is from you. The newsletter includes blog materials, news, event reports, infographics and other content – all that you want the client to know.

Pages on social networks

If it is more convenient for some customers to receive all the news in one file to their email address, then others prefer to scroll the page on social networks, selectively viewing the materials they are interested in. The pages of your site on social networks will also help to easily disseminate information and attract new readers.


A blog is your way of communicating with customers, including potential ones. A blog and a site are essentially a part and a whole, that is, you can maintain a separate blog if you practice independently, but if you have a law firm, for example, each of the lawyers can write on a blog, that is, in one of the sections of the site, useful for the reader materials. Few people will read what is written on the main page of the site: there is usually little really interesting information there. A blog containing better material is a reason to stay on the site and come here again. When a potential customer has a problem, he already knows that a solution can be found on your blog.