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Determining Freelance Pricing for Large Web Design Projects

By thatonesupport 0 Comment 25.07.2019

Freelancers usually get asked to build small or medium size websites while companies that need large or enterprise websites generally use web design agencies. If you’re a freelancer and a client wants a 100 or so page website, it can be a lucrative payday for you if you charge them enough.

First, determine how many pages the client needs, including their privacy policy and about us page. Research and discovery is very important. Whether you’re building an e-commerce of informational site, decide on a platform so the client can update their website themselves with training.

This will give you a rough estimate of how long it will take to build the site. Plan extra time during the development stage as clients typically come up with new ideas. Charge your hourly rate plus an additional percentage for taxes. Add eight additional hours for changes during this stage.

Determine who supplies the media. The client may want to write their own content. If so, add time for proofreading. Will the client supply high-resolution images or will you have to pay a photographer? Ask the client if they want video content as well. Add hours and costs for media you need to create or outsource.

Determine if the client needs anything extra, such as logo design. Next, add hours for cross platform checks, debugging, speed tests and more. Include time after the launch to show the client how to update their new site.

Always add extra hours to your total price and put what changes will cost the client extra in your contract. Decide if you will offer maintenance or hosting and go over these add-on services with your client. It’s tempting to bid low to win the contract, however, you could end up losing money so bid according to the amount of work.