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CS:GO Clans

By thatonesupport 0 Comment 04.01.2021

Clan Counter Strike is a friendly collective, or simply put – a team of several people. According to the rules of all matches and championships, the number of players must be at least 5, and also in no case should not exceed this figure. What is a clan? This is a team that plays together on the servers, taking part in various tournaments and activities on the game CS. We also recommend you to visit so you can diversify the game.

A little about the pros and cons of the clan, its existence:

  1. New friends with whom you can always communicate not only on the Internet, but also meet in real life, if given the opportunity.
  2. A clear advantage is the possibility of becoming popular among cyber-sports players. One by one it is very difficult to achieve this, so it is better to simplify this process considerably. Popularity can be achieved most often in the following cases: Participation and victories in tournaments, matches, game events; Excellent possession of the mouse, and in general the very game Counter Strike; There are actually many opportunities to become popular, but some of them are hidden, and publishing them is not welcoming at all.
  3. The main disadvantage – inconsistencies between players, which in fact lead to almost any quarrel between them. Of course, some time passes, and forget about the conflicts, but sometimes these cases end with the collapse of the team and not good influence on the psyche of a person in the future.
  4. The next disadvantage is the funds that can be “thrown away” completely for nothing. For example, for a team that really wants to develop, you need training. In turn, to train in CS required server hosting, but to rent a server needed funds. If you are too lazy to hold these same training sessions, or do not have any experience in this area – the team has not progressed, and stands in place, in some cases – goes into deficit. In this regard, you do not get anything for training, and therefore the money was spent just in vain.

All the additional disadvantages or positives of creating a clan you can really see by creating your own clan.

How to create a clan in CS

What does it take to create a good, and most importantly developing clan? The best clans CS created a long and hard work. To think up a clan is not difficult, to name a clan – is also not a problem, but much more difficult to develop it and keep the players at a high level of motivation. First of all, you need to pay attention to your character. Many things depend on it, as the head (captain) of the clan must necessarily do everything for the clan to progress. Here are the main qualities of character team captain CS:GO.

  • Obligatorily, he must not be greedy, because in order to develop the clan you need to debug a certain amount of money. Without this it will be very difficult to do without, and the development can be forgotten.
  • Honesty. Sooner or later, any person’s lies will be revealed, which means that the captain will not remain secret either. Any lie is not welcomed by the person playing collectively, and there is a very high probability of the clan’s disintegration.
  • Sociability. If the head of the clan is not sociable, it means that he is not interesting to the majority of the current audience of Counter Strike gamers.
  • Appropriate age. This should not be discussed, the captain himself must understand whether his age is suitable for the command of the players, or not.
  • Responsibility. A person must understand what he goes to, creating a team of real people. The main thing is to be responsible for their actions and deeds. From this follows a small lesson – people in the clan must be recruited carefully, and checked before they are numbered in the ranks of the team.

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