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By thatonesupport 0 Comment 27.06.2013


Cleveland Yoga has grown to be the leading yoga studio in the Cleveland area. With over 100 classes each week and a wide range of programs, Cleveland Yoga has expanded its customer base to become the largest yoga studio in Cleveland.


Upon the opening of its second location, Cleveland Yoga required a web presence to capture the essence of the organization as it currently exists – innovative and growing each and every day. The Cleveland Yoga web presence needed to be exciting and engaging, while presenting visitors with a sophisticated hierarchy of messaging. With many programs, events and workshops, the new Cleveland Yoga website needed to balance aesthetic appeal, educational content and ease of use.


Envelope users in an exciting web experience. Building on the Cleveland Yoga brand, we used original photography and a fluid and flexible interface to represent yoga as a practice as well as the way the studio interacts with its clients. To educate users on the importance of yoga and the Cleveland Yoga difference, we integrated the website across all social media platforms to become a true communications hub. The result has been a successful launch of Cleveland Yoga’s second location and a web presence that continues to drive Cleveland Yoga’s growth.